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Specialists in legal and judicial advice for business activities in Marbella.

We advise your company or business and accompany you in any process related to your commercial or business activity in Marbella.

As lawyers specialising in Commercial Law, at Marrero Henning we guide you through a wide range of processes, from the registration of patents or issues related to trademark rights, to the establishment and correct development of labour activities.

Commercial Law is a branch that is constantly changing and evolving. For this reason, our firm's specialised lawyers are essential in this area.

New technologies, internet, e-commerce... The current situation requires constant study and revision, especially oriented towards the changes that occur on a daily basis and that directly affect the business sector.


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When to go to a lawyer Commercial law?

Establishment of companies

We will provide you with professional advice on the creation of new companies, taking into account the most advantageous aspects for your business.

Mergers and divisions

At Marrero Henning we have extensive experience in cases of mergers or divisions of all types of companies, businesses, assets or other.

Liquidation of companies

After the dissolution of a company, we assist in the process of putting an end to working relations with third parties and, if necessary, in the distribution of the company's assets among the partners.

Sale and acquisition of companies

Our lawyers specialising in commercial law will look after your interests so that you feel secure in the process of buying and acquiring any company.

Property liability claims

We handle claims for any injury that citizens suffer to their property and rights caused by public services.

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Excellent legal service. The team of lawyers was highly professional and achieved favorable outcomes in my criminal case. I would recommend them without hesitation!

Carlos Rodríguez

Criminal case
This is what our clients say

Incredible legal support for my family case. The team of lawyers was understanding and effectively resolved all sensitive matters. I am grateful for their professionalism and dedication.

María Fernández

Family case
This is what our clients say

I greatly appreciate the legal assistance in protecting my real estate investment. The lawyers showed great knowledge and diligence in safeguarding my interests. I am very satisfied with their work.

Pedro Gómez

Real Estate Case
This is what our clients say

Legal team of Marrero & Henning: Thank you for your excellent service in my commercial case! Strategic approach and attention to detail were crucial. I would highly recommend you!

David Anderson

Commercial case

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