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Expert legal advice to protect your real estate investment

We are a team of lawyers, legal advisors and tax consultants located in different locations such as Palma de Mallorca or Ibiza. We specialise in real estate law, civil law, tax law and commercial and corporate law.

We have more than 40 years of experience and advise our international clients in all areas of law and their investments in Spain.

We offer confidence and specialist knowledge for each and every case presented to us.


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When to go to a lawyer Real estate law?

Claims for defects in construction work

Speed is important: we help you gather evidence and claim for damages.

Holiday licences

We advise you on how to meet the necessary requirements and obtain the holiday licence you need.

Purchases and sales

We guarantee success in the purchase and sale of real estate and in all related procedures.

Tenancy agreements

We draft a solid, balanced lease that protects your interest

Purchasing and selling real estate

We offer legal advice on the purchase and sale of real estate, whether still in the planning stages, already existing or under construction.

New construction declarations

We ensure that all legal requirements for the new construction declarations are met before going to the Notary.

Cadastral management

To ensure that there are no unforeseen events, we calculate the amount of taxes and ensure the legal security of the property rights through the approval and archiving of the surveys.

Private real estate contracts

Nothing should be left to chance. That is why we are specialists in drawing up or, alternatively, reviewing every part of the contract in order to avoid future problems.

This is what our clients say

Excellent legal service. The team of lawyers was highly professional and achieved favorable outcomes in my criminal case. I would recommend them without hesitation!

Carlos Rodríguez

Criminal case
This is what our clients say

Incredible legal support for my family case. The team of lawyers was understanding and effectively resolved all sensitive matters. I am grateful for their professionalism and dedication.

María Fernández

Family case
This is what our clients say

Legal team of Marrero & Henning: Thank you for your excellent service in my commercial case! Strategic approach and attention to detail were crucial. I would highly recommend you!

David Anderson

Commercial case
This is what our clients say

I greatly appreciate the legal assistance in protecting my real estate investment. The lawyers showed great knowledge and diligence in safeguarding my interests. I am very satisfied with their work.

Pedro Gómez

Real Estate Case