Real estate lawyer in mallorca

At Marrero Henning we offer you an extensive team of lawyers specialising in various areas of law. We are a point of reference if you are looking for a real estate lawyer in Mallorca to ensure that the process of buying and selling your property is carried out with full guarantees for both parties. An expert lawyer in real estate law has extensive knowledge in property transactions. For example, sale processes, leases, contracts, construction, resident’s associations or inheritances. Come to us if you need us to take care of the drafting of a sales contract, building, development, exchange or lease.

We are a team of lawyers with extensive experience. We provide our clients with the best attention and legal advice. We analyse each case in detail to ensure that everything is subject to current legislation. We are also the right choice if you need an accounting lawyer in Mallorca. An accounting lawyer works hand in hand with experts in fiscal or tax law. As an expert in the world of accounting, they are aware of all the laws and legislative changes that may affect their client’s activity.



A real estate lawyer in Mallorca and many other specialties

We are well acquainted with the fundamental principles of real estate law. The best real estate attorney in Mallorca, here at our firm, will solve all your doubts in this regard, when buying or selling a property, renting it out or including it as part of your inheritance. We can also accompany you if you want to file a claim for construction defects in your property or if you want to challenge neighbourhood agreements that you consider to be against your interests as an owner. Whatever the case may be, from the first contact you will realise that we are professional, solvent and 100% transparent.