Law firm and Lawyers in Marbella

Tax Advisor and Consultant in Marbella

Having a team of lawyers in Marbella who are able to advise and guide you during any legal process you have to face is really important. A team that fully understands your case, showcasing a high degree of sincerity and professionalism, capable of looking after your interests as if they were their own in the civil, fiscal, accounting and labour law fields.

Are you looking for a law firm in Marbella? Marrero-Henning is one of the most established law firms in the city. A team that has earned the trust of all its clients thanks to its solvency and capacity for resolution in all areas of law. We have more than 40 years of experience and we have specialised in foreign clients who settle in Spain and want to have expert and reliable advice for their investments and real estate.

Law firm and Lawyers in Marbella

¿Are you seeking the best team of lawyers in Marbella?

Come and visit us and we will assign you an attorney to personally attend to all your affairs. A trusted person of contact with whom you will have a total understanding and who will work to defend your interests and look after everything you decide to invest or buy here.

For any legal counsel you may need, just ask us and we will put our knowledge at your service. Beyond the legislation, we understand that for many people who settle in our country coming from another country may present an added language and cultural challenge. That is why we want to be your reliable legal team that will back you up and assist you at all times.

We have a team specialised in tax and fiscal law. Trust us and we will provide you with an excellent tax advisor in Marbella so that you do not encounter any legal problems and file all taxes that you have to file in due time and form. Trust in the expertise of our team of lawyers and more than 40 years of experience offering quality legal assistance to all our clients.

Contact us if you are looking for an attorney in Marbella. We guarantee you the attention and professional service you deserve.