Accounting lawyer in Mallorca

If you are looking to hire the services of an accounting lawyer in Mallorca, we are what you need. That will be the duties of this professional? A lawyer specialising in accounting law will be in charge of keeping your company’s accounts up to date, for example. Amongst other things, he or she will take care of the general accounting plans. For example, we will study the most suitable accounting system in each case and submit any queries you may have to the ICAC, the Spanish Accounting and Auditing Institute. All in the capacity as an accountant tax advisor in Mallorca.


A benchmark accounting lawyer in Mallorca

As accounting lawyers, we will take care of the accounting of inter-company transactions, money flows or payment balances. You can call on two types of experts in this regard. On the one hand, we have experts in financial or external accounting. These professionals, present at Marrero Henning, will account for your company’s commercial operations with regard to the international. On the other hand, an expert in internal accounting will be in charge of planning and making the best business decisions for the productivity of your company. An accounting lawyer in Mallorca can also offer their services to companies incorporated in commercial terms, advising on annual accounts or carrying out the relevant audits.

At Marrero Henning we also work as a real estate lawyer in Mallorca. Lawyers who are experts in real estate law with extensive experience in real estate transactions. For example, when drafting contracts for sales, construction, developments, exchanges or leases. We distinguish ourselves by being professional, reliable and 100% transparent.